How Blue Pill malware can affect your computer severely?

Every time a software company detects and quarantines a new malware, it is like an achievement for the company, developers, and end-users. The companies always strive to upgrade their antivirus to resolve the advanced threats and McAfee is no behind in the race. This security software works best for your device and can be downloaded via the code.

Though the companies are striving hard, it seems that malware writers are having an edge these days.
These days, a new “Invisible malware” is detected in the devices, which is invisible to catch by the currently available security software. The malware is so advanced that it resides only in the memory which means there is no suspicious file on your device which can be scanned to detect this.

How does this malware work?

Besides only residing in the memory, it is sometimes found in the BIOS and can affect your system without being noticed. This malware is even capable of disguising users as it is a firmware update and ultimately substitutes their existing firmware update, making it extremely difficult to reverse the

Blue Pill malware, a virtual rootkit

The Blue Pill malware is a virtual rootkit that automatically loads itself into the virtual machine and after that, the operating system is also loaded in the virtual machine.

The rootkit enables a fake shutdown and restarts while letting the malware keep running in the background, restricting you to use the shutdown choice in Microsoft Windows 10. It always loads before the OS, paving an easy way for the malware. Therefore, it becomes hard for antivirus software to detect
this malware easily.

Intel has taken a step forward to work on a new series of processors capable of preventing such malware attacks. These processors are called “Intel Select Solution for Hardened Security,” which is able to separate all the critical resources so that they can’t be infected by malware. They are also planning to take some major steps to lock down the BIOS so that attacks can be avoided.

To sum up-

It’s not like companies are not taking any action against these dangerous threats, but the thing is how can we protect ourselves today? However, if people want to avoid such attacks in the current situation, they need to shift their crucial data to the cloud. Along with this, they can also encrypt their data with the help of McAfee’s security suite which can be downloaded via activate the code.

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